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The Sacred Earth Pantry educates and empowers us all to be the best version of ourselves through functional nutrition, essential oils and lashings of self love, using Mother-Earths foods as medicine ❤️


My Journey to The Sacred Earth Pantry

I had always considered myself to be leading a healthy holistic lifestyle and always hungry to learn the latest research to support my health choices. With the amazing arrival of our first child (in 2001) and introducing her to real food I was gifted a 'Changing Habits Changing Lives' cookbook from a very dear friend. My eyes wide open step by step and habit by habit our family began this incredible journey of change. My research stepped up a notch and my tribe of influencers was growing at a rapid speed.

In 2005 our family of 4 moved from Alice Springs (NT) to Manjimup (WA) where my learning journey continued sourcing certified organic food and growing as many fruit and vegetables as we could. Not satisfied with the availability locally I opened a health food shop selling whole foods from home. I became a reiki practitioner a Thermomix consultant and joined a sacred womens circle expanding my knowledge in self love and essential oils.

Already working as a Special needs Education Assistant I was delighted to graduate as a Functional Nutrition consultant through  Changing Habits Functional Nutrition Academy in 2016.

In 2017 The Sacred Earth Pantry was born starting initially as a community face book page where I was able to share my hacks on managing a full time job with a busy family and sustaining an 80/20 balance in all areas of my life.

The Sacred Earth Pantry now boasts a healthy presence in my local community and at the local markets. I offer workshops in gut health and fermenting. I promote my local suppliers and through practical skills I can help you improve your overall wellness giving you the knowledge and the confidence to make your healthy choices sustainable too.

The Sacred Earth pantry is a health food shop stocked full of certified organic whole foods and health giving products available to order. I only sell from my pantry goods which I use in my own pantry that have passed the test !

I welcome you to join my Tribe ❤️



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Sarah O'Reilly

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