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❤️Being organised and making your health a priority I believe is the key to success.

🙋‍♀️Ok we all scroll through endless websites blogs and fb pages looking for the perfect answer to stay on track with our health goals only to cave in and plan to start again on Monday ......sound familiar ? I have taken a few years to master the art and am happy to share a few of my weekly NO COMPROMISE hacks to make the juggle doable.

1 .I buy all our Certified organic single ingredient pantry staples in bulk ....delivered to our door ! 2.I buy our Who gives a crap toilet roll in bulk.... delivered to our door ! 3.I buy all our certified organic meat in bulk ...delivered to our door ! ( go halves or quarters with a friend $$$) 4. I buy all our fresh spray free / organic fruit and veg weekly....delivered to our door.( or source locally direct from the farmer and local markets) 5.Body products and cleaning products ...I make our own !So whats left .....coconut water ,butter, milk, green bananas ...Bulk buy from the supermarket monthly.There is an idea to just shop the outskirts of the Supermarkets ensuring you stay away from all the fake foods that do not serve your body.... but be warned Supermarkets are big business and they want your money . They cleverly shift the bad stuff to the outside isles and get you by making you believe your getting a bargain !!!!My journey to shopping this way has taken a little fine tuning over the years and by following my principles it may help you to stay on track too. Once you know what you are buying each week/month you can easily create a meal plan and you will be amazed how organised feeding yourself and your family can be, giving you more time to enjoy all the other elements of living an abundant life full of lashings of self love ❤️* Free delivery Bunbury -Busselton for the whole of March on everything in my online shop .....your welcome 😍 xx *** Perth and Manjimup can be arranged too xx

The Sacred Earth Pantry educates and empowers us all to be the best version of ourselves, through Functional Nutrition,Essential oils and Reiki using Mother-earths food as medicine. We encourage you to practice "Nourishing your body and your soul with lashings of self love"



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