Cavalla French/Dark Roast


Premium roasted cocoa with natural hints of
coconut and cinnamon

Winding along its western front, the Cavalla River gives shape to the exotic Ivory Coast. The surrounding agricultural area is dotted with small, family-owned farms that produce the very best African cacao. The dark, earthy-toned beans are carefully handpicked and dried naturally by the sun to enhance the full-bodied chocolate flavor, which hints of dark spice, coconut and cinnamon. These incredible natural flavours come to life when you brew a cup of Cavalla, made from 100% pure, darkly roasted cocoa beans. 

For those that like a darker roasted premiium coffee, this is the perfect Crio Brü.

Crio Bru cavalla french Roast

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  • Crio Brü is a Healthy Coffee Substitute  
    Our great tasting coffee alternative is made from 100%, perfectly roasted cocoa beans. Nothing more, nothing less. No sugar, no fillers,  no gluten, no dairy. Although the cocoa beans are roasted to make Crio Brü, many of the health benefits found in the raw cocoa beans are preserved, giving you a superior product with sky-high antioxidants, abundant minerals and healthy energy. Crio Brü is available as a coffee substitute across Australia and New Zealand. Click here to find out more about our coffee alternative in Australia. 



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