Fiery cayenne pepper with warm vibrant cinnamon 
and soothing ground vanilla beans blended 
with premium, chocolaty cocoa grounds


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For thousands of years, the Maya and Aztecs drank an unsweetened health elixir called xocoatl made from roasted cocoa and hot peppers. Experience the changing and harmonizing flavors in this exquisite and energizing blend of premium ground cocoa beans, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and vanilla beans.

Crio Bru Maya

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  • Crio Brü is a Healthy Coffee Substitute  
    Our great tasting coffee alternative is made from 100%, perfectly roasted cocoa beans. Nothing more, nothing less. No sugar, no fillers,  no gluten, no dairy. Although the cocoa beans are roasted to make Crio Brü, many of the health benefits found in the raw cocoa beans are preserved, giving you a superior product with sky-high antioxidants, abundant minerals and healthy energy. Crio Brü is available as a coffee substitute across Australia and New Zealand. Click here to find out more about our coffee alternative in Australia. 



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